PDF Account


The PDF account enables you to add or remove password protection to PDF documents that you want to use in your pipelines.

PDF Account Settings



Limitations and Known Issues


Account Settings

  • Suggestion icon (): Indicates a list that is dynamically populated based on the configuration.
  • Expression icon (): Indicates whether the value is an expression (if enabled) or a static value (if disabled). Learn more about Using Expressions in SnapLogic.
  • Add icon (): Indicates that you can add fields in the field set.
  • Remove icon (): Indicates that you can remove fields from the field set.
Field / Field set Type Description
Label String Required. Specify a unique label for the account.
Password String Required. Specify the password used for the basic authentication.

Default value: N/A

Example: $Abc123!

Note: Click Apply to save the settings.