Create Accounts using Manager


You can use SnapLogic Manager to create accounts without associating them immediately with pipelines.

  • Write permissions for the SnapLogic Project in which to create the Account.
  • All of the values necessary to access the endpoint, such as hostname or server path, username, and credentials.
Note: Accounts in SnapLogic Platform are associated with projects. You can use accounts created in other projects only if you have at least Read access to them.
  1. In the left pane, browse to the project in which you want to create the account and click > Accounts > Google Analytics 4 followed by the appropriate account type.
    The Create Account dialog associated with the selected account type is displayed.
  2. Enter the required account details.
  3. If the Account Type supports validation, click Validate to verify if the connection succeeds.
  4. Click Apply.

    Creating an Account in Manager

    Note: Enter additional information on this account in the Notes field of the Info tab. This will help you–and other users–understand the purpose of the account, especially if there are multiple accounts of the same type.