Multiple sources in one data pipeline

When creating a data pipeline in the wizard, you can select up to five source endpoints, with the following limitations:

  • The CSV file endpoint cannot be used with other sources.
  • On-premises sources (Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL) can be used in the same data pipeline, but cannot be mixed with off-premises sources.
  • The default load type is a common type for all sources. For example, if one source supports incremental load and all other sources support incremental load and SCD2, AutoSync uses incremental load.
  • After you save a data pipeline with multiple sources, you cannot change the sources or destination. You can edit it to select different tables and change the load type.
CAUTION: To avoid conflicts, do not select tables or objects with the same name from multiple sources. AutoSync cannot detect this at configuration time. For example, if you select an Account object from Salesforce and an Account table from another source, the data pipeline will fail when it runs.