Connect to on-premises endpoints

AutoSync supports on-premises endpoints for environments (Orgs) with a self-managed Snaplex (Groundplex). Snaplexes are the data processing engines that execute AutoSync data pipelines. All environments enabled for AutoSync have a dedicated Snaplex, which is managed by SnapLogic and can connect to cloud endoints.

To allow AutoSync to connect to an on-premises endpoint, your environment must also have a customer-managed Snaplex (Groundplex) associated with the Classic Manager global shared folder. The Groundplex must be able to connect to the on-premises endpoints.

AutoSync supports the following on-premises databases:

As mentioned above, you can connect to the cloud versions of these sources using the AutoSync Snaplex.

Important: AutoSync can't run in environments with Enhanced Account Encryption. If all of your environments are currently configured for Enhanced Account Encryption, a new environment must be provisioned for AutoSync. In that environment, install a Groundplex that is not configured to use Enhanced Account Encryption.

Use an on-premises source

To use an on-premises data source, create a new data pipeline and select a supported on-premises target or source. if AutoSync detects that a Groundplex is available, a dialog opens that enables you to select a cloud or on-premises database. For an on-premises database, you must also select a Groundplex. When multiple choices are available:

  • If you do not administer the SnapLogic platform, ask your Org admin for the name of the self-managed Snaplex to use for on-premises data sources.
  • If you administer a SnapLogic Org, and do not have a self-managed Snaplex, contact your SnapLogic representative and refer to Deploying a Self-Managed Snaplex.