Configure SSO in the SnapLogic Platform

If your organization has multiple SnapLogic environments, they should all be configured for the same IdP and users should log in with that IdP.

Configure your IdP for an application integration with the SnapLogic Platform.

  1. In the environment that you copied the URLs for the IdP application integration:
    1. On the Admin Manager Configure SSO page, click Upload file and select the metadata that you downloaded previously from your IdP.
    2. Optionally, click Manage SSO options. Check your IdP documentation for the recommended settings:
      • AuthNRequestsSigned: Select True to authenticate the sign-on with a 3rd-party entity such as Google or Facebook. Selecting False disables this authentication method.
      • RequestedAuthN Context Comparisons: Select a value. The default setting is exact.
      • AuthnContextClassRef: Add references to the context classes.
  2. Log into the other environments and upload the same metadata file.