Find executions

Tens of thousands of Pipelines might execute in a production environment in a short time period. The Execution overview page provides search and advanced filters to find executions of interest and view their details:

Advanced search options

Note: After a search, the summary card counts update to reflect the status of the executions that meet the search criteria. When you search, click a summary card to filter by status, or set advanced filters, the results preserve the parent child hierarchy as shown below. However, if you group by pipeline or task first, search and filter results include the individual results and don't preserve the hierarchy.

Parent-child relationship preserved in search results

Use the following tips to maximize a search:

  • Set the time period to the smallest window possible to reduce the number of executions in the list.
  • After you run a search, the page URL contains the search string, filters, and column preferences. You can bookmark the URL to perform the same search later or copy it to share with colleagues.
  • Find pipelines that use parameters by searching for parameter names.

The following sections describe how to:

Find executions of your pipelines

  1. In the Search bar, click the options icon:

  2. In Advanced filters, scroll down and select Owner
  3. Start entering your username and, click + to select it.
  4. Click Apply.

Find a failed execution

  1. Click the Failed summary card:

  2. In the filtered list, click the pipeline or task of interest to display its details.

Use advanced filters

  1. In the search bar, click the options icon to display the Advanced filtering dialog:

  2. In Advanced filtering, click the type of filter to apply:
    • The first filters in the menu have pull-down options:

    • The remaining filters accept text entries:

  3. Click Apply.

The filters apply to subsequent searches and to the execution list until you remove them. A red dot decorates the options icon to remind you that filters are applied.