Asset APIs

Asset APIs allow you to do the following:
  • ACL Management. Manage the security permissions to assets in the project.
  • Project Management. Manage a project or project space.
  • Asset Management. Manage access to assets.
  • App Access. Manage access to an app.
ACL Management APIs
POST /assetapi/acl/{project_or_space_path} grants a user or group access to the specified project or project space.
GET /assetapi/acl/{project_path} retrieves the privileges of the current user to access the specified project.
DELETE /assetapi/acl/{project_path} revokes all project access from a user or group.
Project Management APIs
POST /assetapi/project/{project_or_space_path} creates a new project or project space at the specified path with the specified permissions.
PUT /assetapi/project/{project_or_space_path} renames an existing project or project space.
POST /assetapi/update/owner updates the owner of a task.
Asset Management APIs
POST /assetapi/update/owner updates the owner of a task.
App Access APIs
GET /assetapi/user/settings retrieves the app access information for all users in the specified Environment/Org.
POST /assetapi/user/app_access grants or revokes app access.