Manage groups

SnapLogic®Environment admins can manage groups in Admin Manager. Groups provide a way to share assets among users. Groups work differently in the IIP than in AutoSync:

  • In the IIP, admins use groups to grant a set of users access to project assets. Project owners can also share access with a group.
  • In AutoSync, admins can share credentials or data pipelines with a group. Non-admin users can:
    • Share credentials globally or with a group to which they belong.
    • Data pipeline owners can share data pipelines with individuals or with a group to which they belong.

Learn more about sharing data pipelines and connection configuration in AutoSync or managing groups in the IIP.

Admin Manager

From the Admin Manager Groups screen:

  • Add a group and add members to it.
  • Search for a group.
  • Sort by group name.
  • Edit group membership or delete a group by clicking it to open the details. Deletion of a group cannot be undone.

The group details panel:

The group details panel