Select a Snaplex to run your pipelines

To configure which Snaplex will be used by a pipeline, a Task, or an API/Proxy use one of the following ways:

  • Pipeline configuration in Designer: Open the desired pipeline in the Designer and choose the appropriate Snaplex from the Snaplex drop-down menu.
  • Scheduled or Triggered Task configuration: When you configure a Scheduled or Triggered Task, specify the Snaplex where the associated pipeline should run.
  • When using the Pipeline Execute Snap,
    • The Snaplex field within the Pipeline Execute Snap indicates the Snaplex for the child Pipeline. Leaving this field blank allows default assignment.
    • Alternatively, you can use the pipe.plexPath expression to ensure the child pipeline runs on the same node as the parent.
    • If you choose a different Snaplex for the child pipeline, the input documents and pipeline parameters are securely transmitted through the Control Plane using encrypted transport to a node in the designated Snaplex.
    Tip: You can improve performance by running a parent and child pipeline on the same Snaplex node because data is not transferred over a network.
  • Setting a dedicated Snaplex for a project:
    • Org admins can assign a dedicated Snaplex for a project to optimize resource allocation by relocating it from the Shared project to another.
    • In Manager and Designer, only pipelines in the new project can access that Snaplex.
    • Irrespective of the Project containing the Snaplex, running Pipelines on it is possible as long as you have access rights.