Select a Snaplex to run your pipelines

To configure which Snaplex will be used by a pipeline, a Task, or an API/Proxy use one of the following ways:

  • Pipeline configuration in Designer: Open the desired pipeline in the Designer and choose the appropriate Snaplex from the Snaplex drop-down menu.
  • Scheduled or Triggered Task configuration: When you configure a Scheduled or Triggered Task, specify the Snaplex where the associated pipeline should run.
  • When using the Pipeline Execute Snap,
    • The Snaplex field within the Pipeline Execute Snap indicates the Snaplex for the child Pipeline. Leaving this field blank allows default assignment.
    • Alternatively, you can use the pipe.plexPath expression to ensure the child pipeline runs on the same node as the parent.
    • If you choose a different Snaplex for the child pipeline, the input documents and pipeline parameters are securely transmitted through the Control Plane using encrypted transport to a node in the designated Snaplex.
    Tip: You can improve performance by running a parent and child pipeline on the same Snaplex node because data is not transferred over a network.
  • Setting a dedicated Snaplex for a project:
    • Environment admins can assign a dedicated Snaplex for a project to optimize resource allocation by relocating it from the Shared project to another.
    • In Manager and Designer, only pipelines in the new project can access that Snaplex.
    • Irrespective of the Project containing the Snaplex, running Pipelines on it is possible as long as you have access rights.
    • The parameter runtime_path_id allows the users to specify the Snaplex to be used for OAuth2 operations. Availability of this parameter ensures that the refresh token is sent to the nodes in the given Snaplex.
    Important: The runtime_path_id enhancement is currently available for REST and API Suite Snap Packs.