Create an Identity Provider application integration

Your IdP might call this integration an app integration, an application, or an enterprise application. To create it, you will need the SnapLogic environment URLs listed on the Admin Manager Configure SSO page.

If you have multiple SnapLogic environments:
  1. Choose one of them to provide the metadata for the IdP application integration. It doesn't matter which environment you choose, however, any user who wants to use SSO to sign in must be a member of this Org.
  2. Log into the other environments and copy the Reply URL (Assertion Consumer Service URL) into a text file. You will need these URLs when configuring the application integration in the IdP.
  1. Log into the SnapLogic environment you chose to provide the metadata.
  2. Navigate to the Admin Manager Configure SSO page.
  3. Log into your IdP.
  4. From the Admin Manager Configure SSO page, copy the Entity ID, Reply URL, and Logout URL and paste them in the appropriate fields in the IdP interface. The IdP field names might differ from the names in Admin Manager. For example, in Okta, the Single sign-on URL field contains the Assertion Consumer Service URL, which is the Reply URL in Admin Manager.
  5. If applicable, paste the Reply URLs from your other environments in the appropriate IdP field.
  6. Save the application integration and export the metadata to your local machine. Some IdPs, such as Okta, provide a URL to the metadata in XML format. You can save the XML locally to upload to Admin Manager.
  7. Next, complete SSO configuration in Admin Manager.