Designer settings

The Admin Manager Pipeline validation screen provides controls for:

  • The environment-wide pipeline validation setting.
  • The number of documents shown in Snap data previews (if validation is enabled).

Pipeline validation

When validation is enabled, pipeline developers can manually validate pipelines before saving them. Validation also occurs automatically when a pipeline is saved.

You might want to disable manual pipeline validation:

  • To avoid the overhead. In a production environment, pipeline validation can require extra time, especially for heavy workloads.
  • To prevent sensitive data from being visible in Snap data previews.

With validation disabled:

  • The Designer toolbar Validation button is grayed out.
  • Pipeline copy, move, import, or open actions do not trigger validation.
  • Data preview is not available.
Important: If you disable pipeline validation from IIP Manager Settings, users can override this at the Project level. If you disable pipeline validation from Admin Manager, users cannot enable it.

Data preview

When pipeline validation is enabled, the SnapLogic platform attempts to pass a sample of real data through the Snaps in a pipeline on validation or save. Data preview shows whether pipeline mapping and transformations are working as expected. Snaps that execute successfully provide preview data.

SnapLogic encrypts data before storing it to use in data preview. By default, the data preview includes the first 50 records from the input source, up to 15 MB in total size. If the number of documents to preview exceeds 15 MB, validation causes an error. Environment admins can change the Org-wide setting for preview documents in Admin Manager. Users can change the number of preview documents in user settings, up to the value set by the Org admin.