Edit or delete credentials

Users with the appropriate permissions can edit or delete endpoint credentials created in SnapLogic AutoSync and Accounts created in the IIP. This page describes how to access endpoint credentials from AutoSync. Org admins can edit credentials and Accounts from AutoSync Manager in the IIP.

Users who share a data pipeline cannot edit credentials for which they do not have access. However, if they have Edit & run permission for the data pipeline, they can change the credentials used by the data pipeline. While there can be times a change of credentials is necessary, consider the impact on other users and the data pipeline before changing them.

Important: If you edit credentials, delete them, or change the credentials used by a data pipeline, it can change its behavior or cause it to fail.
Open AutoSync from the Apps and Resources menu on the right side of the header:
Application menu

  1. Find a data pipeline that uses the credentials you want to edit or delete.
  2. On the data pipeline card, click the edit icon:
    Edit control
    The Edit data pipeline screen opens.
  3. Below the endpoint credentials, click Edit/Delete Credentials.
    • To select a different set of credentials, click the Select a configuration field. The list contains credentials you created and those shared with you. Select one and and click Validate and save.
    • To edit the credentials, update the properties and click Validate and save. AutoSync attempts to access the endpoint. If successful, it saves the credentials.
    • To delete the credentials, at the bottom of the screen, click Remove. A dialog asks you to confirm deletion.