Snap Pack Versions lifecycle

Design Time

You should consider the following when tracking Snap Pack versions:
  • Design time
  • Execution time

Design time consists of Pipeline development activity. You have to manually execute the pipeline from SnapLogic Designer to test it.

Ensure to be aware of the following factors during pipeline design:

  • When the Snaplex running the pipeline is unknown, an Org-level Snap Catalog is utilized to control the Snaps displayed in SnapLogic Designer and the properties displayed within those Snaps.
  • The design-time Snap Catalog uses old Snap Pack versions if there is any Snaplex in the Org on an older Snaplex version (which is the version of the platform).
  • If all Snaplexes are on the newer Snaplex version, the latest Snap Pack versions are used.

Execution Time

Execution time consists of pipeline executions that are the result of Task invocation. During pipeline execution, the Snaps used depends on the pipeline location and the Snaplex version.

  • If the project containing the Pipeline has private Snap Packs, then those Snap Pack versions are used. Otherwise, the Snap Pack corresponding to the Snap distribution is used.
  • If the JCC node is on the new Snaplex version, the new Snap Pack versions are used.
  • If the JCC node is on a previous Snaplex version, then the previous versions of the Snap Packs are used.