Create credentials

In the SnapLogic AutoSync wizard, you can save credentials and connection information for accessing endpoints.

Open AutoSync from the Apps and Resources menu on the right side of the header:
Application menu

  1. Click Create a new data pipeline and work your way through the wizard.
  2. When you reach the screen to select credentials, click Add new credentials:

    Add new credentials

    The Add new credentials dialog opens. For example, the following screenshot shows the first fields for Snowflake:
    Example of Snowflake properties

  3. Enter the required endpoint properties.
  4. To share the credentials with others, open the Share dropdown and select how to share
    In the example below, the Global shared location exposes the credentials to everyone: AutosyncAutomation and HelpTest1 are user groups. Org admins create user groups. The dropdown lists groups that you belong to. Contact your Org admin to find out which colleagues belong to a specific group.

  5. Click Validate and save.
    For sources, choose the tables, objects, or files to synchronize. For destinations, choose the target schema.