Export APIM policies

GET /apim/export_policies


This API exports the policies of an API or API version.


  • Environment (Org) admin permissions


 GET https://{controlplane_path}/api/1/rest/public/apim/export_policies?{query_parameters}

Path Parameters

Key Description
controlplane_path Required. The path to the SnapLogic control plane.

Example: cdn.elastic.snaplogic.com

For other control planes, substitute the subdomain name for elastic. For example:
  • cdn.uat.snaplogic.com
  • cdn.emea.snaplogic.com

Query Parameters

Key Type Description
path string
The path to the API or the API version.
  • The path comparison is case-sensitive.
  • The path must be URL-escaped. That is, spaces must be replaced with %20.
  • API: /{env_org}/apim/{api_name}
  • API version: /{env_org}/apim/{api_name}/{api_version}
policies_to_export array A comma-separated list of strings containing the policies to export.

Valid values:

  • com-snaplogic-policies-auth-anonymousauthenticator
  • com-snaplogic-policies-auth-apikey
  • com-snaplogic-policies-auth-authorizebyrole
  • com-snaplogic-policies-auth-calloutauthenticator
  • com-snaplogic-policies-auth-clientcredenoauth
  • com-snaplogic-policies-auth-genericoauth2policy
  • com-snaplogic-policies-traffic-clientthrottling
  • com-snaplogic-policies-traffic-corspolicy
  • com-snaplogic-policies-traffic-iprestrictionpolicy
  • com-snaplogic-policies-traffic-requestsizelimit
  • com-snaplogic-policies-transform-requesttransformer
  • com-snaplogic-policies-validation-authorizedrequestvalidator
  • com-snaplogic-policies-validation-earlyrequestvalidator
  • com-snaplogic-policies-validation-jsonvalidator
  • com-snaplogic-policies-validation-sqlthreatdetector
  • com-snaplogic-policies-validation-xmlvalidatordtd
  • com-snaplogic-policies-validation-xmlvalidatorxsd

Example: policies_to_export=com-snaplogic-policies-auth-authorizebyrole,com-snaplogic-policies-traffic-corspolicy

Request Header

Specify Basic for authorization and application/json for content type.

Authorization: Basic {your_encoded_security_credentials}
Content-Type: application/json

Request Body



Response Body

The response is a JSON object containing information about the exported policies.
  "0": [
  "class_id": "com-snaplogic-policy-export",
  "class_version": 1,
  "source_org": "..."
Note: If you use the Import APIM policies API to import these policies to another API or API version, you must provide the entire JSON object as the value for policies_to_import in the request body.