Node initialization alerts

When initialization fails, Groundplex nodes might generate one of the alerts described in the following table.

Alert Description Resolution

Large clock skew

The node's clock must be in sync with the cloud servers and other nodes in the Snaplex. Configure the node's host operating system to synchronize its clock with a time server.
Cannot bind to "..." network port ... By default, Snaplex nodes listen on network ports in the 8080 to 8090 range. If another service has allocated those ports, the node can't start up. Stop the other service or change the ports configured for the Snaplex. Learn more.
Memory size is too small The configured heap size for the Snaplex node's JVM is too small. Update the jcc.heap.max_size property in the file. Learn more.
JVM max memory size is more than the physical memory The Snaplex node's JVM heap size is more than the host machine's physical memory size which can lead to suboptimal performance. Reduce the JVM heap size or increase the host machine's memory size.
Maximum number of file descriptors is too low On Linux, file descriptors are used to open files and make network connections. Not enough descriptors can cause errors while executing pipelines. Configure the operating system and set the maximum number of file descriptors to 4096.
Insufficient number of processors At least two processors are required on node hosts. Install on a machine with more than one processor.
Local path has incorrect permissions: ... The node needs permission to read and write files under its installation directory. Update the permissions on the directories mentioned in the alert.
Unable to reach Snaplex neighbor: ... Snaplex nodes communicate periodically. This node is having trouble communicating with another. Check the node in the message for availability.
The current Snaplex war version is deprecated... The installation package is for a deprecated Snaplex version. Update to the recommended Snaplex war version listed in the alert.
This node shares a jetty certificate with at least one other node. Nodes sharing this certificate: ['..........'] Multiple nodes are using the same jetty certificate/key (jcc-serverkeys.jks and jcc-serverkeys.pass). This can occur when copying configuration files from one JCC node to another. Use a unique certificate for each node.
The org-specific CC user should be used instead of [email protected]. An incorrect user email address exists in the file. Update the email address in Snaplex configuration.