Task Allowlists

By default, the SnapLogic Platform accepts requests from all IP addresses. In Admin Manager, you can add a layer of security by specifying:

  • A range of IP addresses allowed to make task requests.
  • A list of domains permitted to make task requests with Cross-Origin Request Sharing (CORS)

Cloud-triggered allowlist for task requests

The Cloud-triggered allowlist restricts the IP addresses that can call Triggered Task URLs. Specify an IP address range to accept Cloud URL requests only from those addresses. You can also apply the allowlist to Snaplex URLs, Alternate URLs and Ultra tasks.

To block all requests using the Cloud URL, add an IP address range using

  • Starting IP:
  • Ending IP:

CORS allowlist

Triggered Task requests initiated from an external web page are subject to Cross-Origin Request Sharing (CORS) access control. To permit browser requests from outside SnapLogic domains, enable the CORS allowlist and add the domains that initiate browser requests.

Tip: To avoid using the CORS allowlist, you can invoke Triggered Tasks or APIs from a back-end server instead of a web page. In that case, add the back-end server IP address to the Cloud-triggered allowlist.