ServiceNow to Snowflake mapping

AutoSync maps ServiceNow object types to the following Snowflake column types:

ServiceNow object type Snowflake column type
audio varchar
basic image varchar
choice varchar
collection object
color varchar
condition string varchar
conditions varchar
currency number
data structure varchar
date date
date/time timestamp_ntz
decimal number
document id varchar
domain id object
domain path varchar
due date varchar
duration number
encrypted text varchar
field name varchar
file attachment varchar
floating point number float
fx currency number
html varchar
icon varchar
image varchar
integer number
ip address varchar
journal varchar
journal input varchar
journal list varchar
list varchar
long number
name-value pairs varchar
password (1 way encrypted) varchar
password (2 way encrypted) varchar
percent complete number
phone number (e164) varchar
price number
reference object
script varchar
script (plain) varchar
slush bucket varchar
string varchar
string (full utf-8) varchar
suggestion varchar
sys id (guid) varchar
table name varchar
template value varchar
time time
translated html varchar
translated text varchar
true/false boolean
user roles varchar
url varchar
video varchar
wiki varchar
workflow varchar