PostgreSQL to Snowflake mapping

AutoSync maps PostgreSQL object types to the following Snowflake column types:

PostgreSQL object type Snowflake column type
serial number(6)
bigserial number(11)
int2 number(6)
int4 number(11)
int8 number(20)
numeric number
numeric_without_prec_scale varchar
float4 float
float8 float
money float
bytea binary
varchar varchar
bpchar varchar
text varchar
cidr varchar
inet varchar
macaddr varchar
macaddr8 varchar
bit varchar
uuid varchar
xml varchar
json object
jsonb object
tsvector varchar
tsquery varchar
timestamp timestamp_ntz
timestamptz timestamp_ntz
date date
time time
timetz time
interval varchar
point varchar
line varchar
lseg varchar
box varchar
path varchar
polygon varchar
circle varchar
geometry object
array varchar
composite varchar
range varchar
oid number(11)
pg_lsn varchar
bool boolean
char varchar
name varchar
sl_timestamp timestamp_tz