Integrations catalog

The Integrations catalog lists all integrations in a production environment. Each integration is an operational pipeline, a pipeline created in Designer and its associated task. AutoSync data pipelines don't display in the Integrations catalog table. The Integrations catalog is available by request for Enterprise customers. Contact your CSM for more information. Refer to FAQs for answers to commonly asked questions.

The Integrations catalog displays metadata for pipelines and their associated tasks. You can add custom metadata columns and values. For environments with thousands of pipelines, the Integrations catalog provides:

  • Visibility of integrations as data assets
  • Governance for DataOps
  • Impact analysis for System Architects
  • A way to identify reusable assets for Developers
The Integrations catalog exposes metadata that isn't available elsewhere in the SnapLogic Platform. Metadata comes from three sources:
  • Factual—verifiable attributes directly captured by the Snaplogic Platform such as: task name, pipeline name, task type, owner, schedule, and associated Snap accounts
  • Inferred—attributes implicitly derived using Factual metadata with reasonable assumptions, such as source and destination endpoints
  • Supplemented—custom metadata that you add to the catalog

Open the Integrations catalog from the left navigation pane in Monitor.

Integrations catalog

Use the page controls to: