Execution overview screen

The Execution overview shows executions for a specified time period. You can aggregate the view by pipeline or by task. Select an execution to open the pipeline details panel. Select a task to open the task details panel.

The following sections describe the controls on the main screen and details panels:

Execution overview

The Execution overview contains the following elements and controls:

Callout # Control Description
1 Monitor navigation Monitor navigation pane.
2 Org selector Org selector: available when you have access to multiple Orgs.
3 User profile

User profile: select the dropdown to log out.

4 Summary card Summary cards: click to filter the execution list by status.
5 Date picker Date picker: filter executions by time period.
6 Group by Group by: Aggregate executions by pipeline or by task.
7 Search options Search: text search and advanced filters
8 Execution overview toolbar
  • Download current results as a CSV file.
  • Refresh the execution list.
  • Hide or show the summary card panel.
9 Last update Time of last update.
10 Pagination
  • Page through results.
  • Modify the number of executions that display on one page.

Pipeline detail panel

Click a pipeline to open the details panel. The panel includes a header and three tabs:

Pipeline details

The icon next to the Pipeline name indicates which type of task executed:

Task types

The Snap Statistics tab provides information about each Snap in the pipeline. The Pipeline Logs tab shows any logs generated during execution:

Pipeline details logs tab

The Pipeline Parameters tab shows parameters for the pipeline. The following example has no parameters:

Pipeline details logs tab

Task detail panel

When the list of executions is grouped by task, click a task to view executions as shown below. Click an execution to view the pipeline details.

Task details