Execution overview

The Execution overview shows executions for a specified time period. You can aggregate the view by pipeline or by task. Select an execution to open the pipeline details panel. Select a task to open the task details panel.

Using controls on the Execution overview page, you can:

  • Select a time period in hours or by date range.
  • View execution status summary cards for the selected time period. Click a card to filter the execution list by that status.
  • Aggregate executions, grouped by Pipeline or by the Tasks that triggered them.
  • Resize, search, filter, and add or remove columns from the execution list.
  • Click a column name to sort the execution list by ascending or descending values.
  • Export the current results to a CSV file.
  • Refresh the execution list.
  • From the Actions menu, open the pipeline in Designer to view Snap runtime status.

The following sections describe the controls on the main screen and details panels:

Main screen controls

The Execution overview contains the following elements and controls:

Callout # Control Description
1 Monitor navigation Monitor navigation pane.
2 Org selector Environment selector: available when you have access to multiple environments.
3 User profile

User profile: select the dropdown to log out.

4 Summary card Summary cards: click to filter the execution list by status.
5 Date picker Date picker: filter executions by time period.
6 Group by Group by: Aggregate executions by pipeline or by task.
7 Search options Search: text search and advanced filters
8 Execution overview toolbar
  • Download current results as a CSV file.
  • Refresh the execution list.
  • Hide or show the summary card panel.
Actions menu


Open in AutoSync

The actions menu is context-sensitive. If you select the execution of a pipeline created in Designer, you can open the pipeline in Designer to view color-coded Snaps for troubleshooting. If you select the execution of an AutoSync data pipeline, you can open the data pipeline in the AutoSync Edit dialog.
10 Last update Time of last update.
11 Pagination
  • Page through results.
  • Modify the number of executions that display on one page.

Remove or rearrange columns

Remove or rearrange columns by opening advanced search options. Under Column preferences, the shaded pills indicate the visible columns:

  • Click a pill to show or hide a column.
  • Drag a pill to change its position in the table.

Advanced search options

Pipeline detail panel

Click a pipeline to open the details panel. The panel includes a header and three tabs:

Pipeline details

For executing pipelines, the statistics such as document counts refresh every few seconds. Click the refresh button to refresh manually.

The icon next to the Pipeline name indicates which type of task executed:

Task types

The Snap Statistics tab provides information about each Snap in the pipeline. The Pipeline Logs tab shows any logs generated during execution:

Pipeline details logs tab

The Pipeline Parameters tab shows parameters for the pipeline. The following example has no parameters:

Pipeline details logs tab

Task detail panel

When the list of executions is grouped by task, click a task to view executions as shown below. Click an execution to view the pipeline details.

Task details