Upgrading your SnapLogic Environment

SnapLogic Environment (Org) upgrades are essential to support the security and reliability of the integration processes. It enables you to use the latest updates and improvements offered by the platform.
  1. Testing the new Snaplex and Snap Packs
    1. Log in to the environment (Org) you want to test as a Org admin.
    2. For all Snaplexes, update to the latest version in Manager. Since the updates are automatic, you do not have to restart the Snaplex JCC node manually.
    3. Selectively execute and check a few pipelines to ensure that they're working as expected.
    When you've finished testing pipelines for the SnapLogic enviroment , you can manually roll out the changes to your other environments. Alternatively, you can wait until the grace period ends and the Orgs are updated automatically.
  2. Verifying the Snap Pack Upgrade
    1. Either validate or execute a pipeline in the environment (Org) where the Snap Packs are upgraded.
    2. Click the Check Pipeline Statistics icon to open the Pipeline Validation Statistics screen and hover over a Snap row. You can notice the associated Snap build number on the bottom of the following image.

  3. Rolling back a Snaplex

    During the grace period, you might need to downgrade a Snaplex or Snap Pack because of compatibility issues, platform restrictions and other updates. In this case, you can rollback a Snaplex. Change the Snaplex version to an older version in the Manager. To roll back a Snaplex, replace your existing Snaplex software with an older version.

    1. In the SnapLogic Manager, select to the specified folder of the Snaplex that you want to roll back.
    2. Hover over the Snaplex that you want to upgrade and click View from the context menu.
      The Update Snaplex dialog displays.

      Snaplex Version

    3. In the Update Snaplex dialog, select the Recommended version from the Version dropdown menu.
      Note: Do not select the version with the designation Deprecated or Restricted Distribution unless advised by SnapLogic Support.
    4. Click Update.