Git integration: GHES – Configure the SnapLogic Org


To enable interaction between GHES and SnapLogic,
  • A GHES administrator must create a GitHub App in GHES.
  • A network administrator must configure the network to allow communication between GHES and the SnapLogic control plane.
  • A SnapLogic Org admin (Environment admin) must configure the Org to integrate with GHES.

This is the third step.

  • SnapLogic Org admin permissions
  • The following information from the GitHub App created by the GHES Administrator.
    Destination: SnapLogic Manager - Configure Git dialog Source: GHES GitHub App creation
    Client ID Available from the GitHub App.
    Client Secret Generated in the About page of the GitHub App.
    GHES URL Homepage URL
    App ID GitHub App name
    Private Key Generated in the About page of the GitHub App. The private key is stored in a .pem file that is automatically downloaded.
  1. In SnapLogic Manager, go to Settings > Git Integration > Configure Git.
  2. In the Configure Git dialog, set Git integration type as GitHub Enterprise Server, and fill in the settings.

    GHES configuration form.

    Field Description
    Client ID The value stored in the GitHub App.
    Client Secret The field displays this value until you save the configuration, then it is hidden. Afterwards, the only way to change it is to replace it.
    GHES URL The gateway URL used for the secure connection between your Groundplex and on-premises GHES machine.
    Auth URL The public Homepage URL used in the GitHub App creation.
    Note: This field now takes the Homepage URL, which formerly was used as the GHES URL.
    App ID The GitHub App installation ID
    Private Key Copy and paste the RSA key from the .pem file generated during the GitHub App creation.
  3. Click Save.
Individual users must authorize SnapLogic to access their Git hosting provider account.