Manage service accounts

A service account provides an email and password for basic authentication for pipeline parameters, invoking APIs, or running Triggered Tasks. Service accounts can not access the UI.

SnapLogic® Environment admins create service accounts by giving them a name, email address, optional description, and selecting a role. The email address must be unique in the environment. The Environment admin who created the account receives the email notification with instructions to set the password.

The Service accounts screen in Admin Manager lists existing service accounts:

Service account list

Edit or delete a service account by clicking it in the service account list.

Click Create service account to create a new service account:

Service account

  1. Enter a unique name.
  2. Enter the email to use for basic authorization and password reset emails.
  3. Optionally, enter a description.
  4. Select a role. Refer to Manage roles for information on the difference between roles.